Reprinted from Media Newsline on 02/21/2015. Click here to see original piece.

Discovery Kids to air 1001 Arabian Nights

Discovery Kids presents the famous and charming tales of 1001 Arabian Nights in its series 1001 NIGHTS. Based on the book One Thousand One Nights–a collection of West andSouth Asian stories and folk tales, 1001 NIGHTSaims to ignite the imagination of kids with its inclusive stories and enduring characters.

1001 NIGHTS will air from Monday to Saturday at 8 PM only on Discovery Kids!

Imaginatively narrated by the famous Shahrzad, 1001 NIGHTS traces stories back to the 9thcentury from across Asia covering India, Persia, China and Baghdad. The magical series 1001 NIGHTS offers children an enjoyable way to satisfy their natural curiosity as each story unveils messages on harmonious living, generosity and patience.

1001 NIGHTS includes world famous characters such as Sinbad, Aladdin, and Hunchback. Filled with enthralling stories, vivid animation, wonderful music, and unforgettable characters, 1001 NIGHTS is an enchanting series for both kids and adults.

Join the famous story teller Shahrzad as she weaves tales of adventure, intrigue, and excitement in 1001 NIGHTS only on Discovery Kids.