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Common Sense Media Announces Summer 2019 Common Sense Seal Honorees for TV

SAN FRANCISCO, July 29, 2019—Common Sense Media's announcement of the latest TV shows that offer exceptional media content for families highlights shows that cut across race, culture, sexuality, and ability. This round of honorees offers the most diverse group of characters since the Seal was launched in 2015.

The new recommendations include Molly of Denali, an animated series that centers on a Native Alaskan girl who learns about indigenous culture through adventures with friends, family, and her local community; a first for a children's TV series, the show includes indigenous advisors, voice actors, and production personnel on its creative team, and all contribute to the show's authentic representation of Alaska's cultural diversity. Amphibia is an adventure-filled series about a Thai American girl and a talking frog who forge an unusual -- but ultimately fulfilling -- friendship in a world populated by amphibians and insects. Mr. Iglesias is a sitcom about a beloved history teacher named Gabe (comedian Gabriel Iglesias) who's now working at the school he grew up attending, teaching a diverse group of students and doing lots of learning of his own.

The Bravest Knight is an animated series about a young girl who's learning how to be a knight from her two adoptive dads, and it includes LGBTQ representation in its voice-acting cast. The Employables is an eye-opening series encouraging tolerance for diverse abilities, like autism and Tourette syndrome, by immersing viewers in the emotional struggles of its subjects. Just Roll with It is a hybrid sitcom/improvisational comedy series that centers on a blended family -- diversity and strong family themes are prominent.

Also gaining traction with parents and kids for their entertainment value and positive messages are Netflix's Chip and Potato, Disney Junior's T.O.T.S., and Bug Diaries on Prime Video. Empathy, perseverance, and compassion are prominent themes running through many of the latest honorees.

"I'm thrilled to see kids' TV series stepping up their commitment to mirroring kids' diverse worlds and experiences," said Polly Conway, senior TV editor at Common Sense. "When shows like Molly of Denali and The Bravest Knight take the inclusive step to bring key voices into the creation and production process, it sends a message -- both that it's possible and that it results in outstanding TV that allows even more kids to see themselves and their families represented on-screen."

Common Sense Media's editorial team screened 96 new series and specials that premiered between April 2019 and mid-July 2019. The shows added to the list come from an array of networks including Prime Video, Science Channel, and A&E. Netflix and Disney top the list once again, with nearly one-third of the new honorees premiering on these platforms.

The Common Sense Seal for TV was introduced in the fall of 2015. This is the ninth installment, and with the addition of these 12 honorees, the list now includes 276 series/specials that not only meet Common Sense Media's highest editorial standards for entertainment value and engagement but also that deliver important themes, messages, and role models.

The 2019 Common Sense Seal for TV honorees are:


Title Age Type Premiere Date Network
Bug Diaries 5 series 4/12/2019 Prime Video
Rilakkuma and Kaoru 10 series 4/19/2019 Netflix
The Employables 10 series 5/15/2019 A&E
Chip and Potato 4 series 5/17/2019 Netflix
Savage Builds 8 series 6/7/2019 Science Channel
T.O.T.S. 4 series 6/14/2019 Disney Junior
Amphibia 7 series 6/17/2019 Disney Channel
Ready Jet Go!: One Small Step 4 special 6/17/2019 PBS Kids
Just Roll with It 6 series 6/19/2019 Disney Channel
The Bravest Knight 5 series 6/21/2019 Hulu
Mr. Iglesias 12 series 6/21/2019 Netflix
Molly of Denali 5 series 7/15/2019 PBS Kids


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