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33 Minute Holiday Special
+ Storybook, Ages 3-7

Languages: English, Persian

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Babak and Friends

This heart-warming holiday special is about young Babak who has been raised outside of Iran with little knowledge of Iranian customs and traditions. Already feeling alienated from his classmates, Babak only feels lonelier when his cousins, Saman and Sousanne, visit from Iran. Enlisting the help of Norooz heavyweights Amoo Norooz and Haji Firooz, Babak is able to learn more about the beautiful traditions of Iran and reconnect to an ancient and grand civilization.

“Babak and Friends - A First Norooz” features the voice talents of Oscar Nominee Shoreh Aghdashloo, Catherine Bell (the star of CBS's J.A.G.), Ali Pourtash (comedic actor and creator of the popular “Nan-e Saleemeh” character) and legendary Iranian actor, Parviz Sayyad as Amoo Norooz himself! “Babak and Friends - A First Norooz” also features the popular Norooz song “Norooz-e Ziba-ye Man” by Iranian pop star Aris as well as an all-new, never before-released Norooz song by famed Iranian pop singer, Andy.

This holiday special is a wonderful go-to classic for the holidays and has been screened in over 100 universities, Apple Theatres, cultural organizations, community centers and more over the years. To book a screening, please contact us


2006 WAALM Persian Festival Award for Best Animation Winner