Comedy, Age 6-9

Season 1: 20 X 9 minutes In Production


Languages: English, French

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Jodhi Joshi, 12, has set up a courtroom in her backyard and, every day, after school, she hears neighborhood cases. Run by kids, this courtroom is a place where you can bring any argument or issue to the trusted Judge: personal disagreements, mysteries, disputes over historical facts, property damage or theft -you name it, no case is too big or too small for our clever Judge. Assisted by her younger brother Mani and her tricolor beagle Chili, Jodhi is the ultimate arbiter on decisions big and small.

Each 7-min case is accompanied by 1 or 2 shorts, which further explain the topic using Jodhi’s friends in the neighborhood. Experts are called upon, evidence is presented, questions are asked and facts are analyzed, until the Judge or Jury makes a decision.