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Short Film 2018

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Balloon Girl

On a beautiful day at the park, a little girl proudly carries a big red balloon everywhere she goes. Elsewhere in the park, a baby cries loudly in his pram, and his mother tries in vain to soothe him. When the baby sees the girl’s balloon, he stops crying, but then cries even louder when the balloon goes out of sight. The girl loves her balloon, the baby loves her balloon – what should she do?Balloon Girl tells the story of a young girl’s compassion and how it changes a complete stranger’s day, showing that little things make a big difference.

Balloon Girl is a non-dialogue short written by Daniel Errico and directed by Shabnam Rezaei as a part of a series of short films for children called Hope Works. The 12inspiring shorts areaimed at children aged 5-12. While they vary in style and subject matter, the shorts all offer young viewers everywhere stories of hope, proving that through thoughtfulness, understanding, and kindness, children can make a difference in the world. Leading children’s media companies, including Sesame Workshop, Disney, and Dreamworks, partneredto produce and distribute the short films. All of the shorts can be viewed on YouTube or Oznoz.com.


Official Selection Austin Film Festival 2019

Official Selection TAAFI 2019

Official Selection PBS Film Festival 2019
2019 New Renaissance Film Festival London Nominee for Best Animation (International).